• SN- Potential Rhinoplasty Patient

    Dear Dr. Revis: The favor of such a highly personalized response (especially on a Saturday) is most greatly appreciated, as is your concern for my schedule. Your time in directly responding to my previous e-mail is greatly appreciated as I have an intimate understanding of the difficulties associated with such a busy practice. In an era of depersonalized medical service this stands out from the norm. Thank You Again!

  • JC- 19yo, Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to ImplantInfo.com)

    Hi Nicole! First let me say thank you for your site! It helped me so much with making my decision to have my BA. I choose Dr Revis to be my doctor. He was a wonderful doctor. He made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. I not once ever felt rushed. And he made my breasts look beautiful! I am so happy with my results. His staff was great also. I would definently recommend Dr. Revis to anyone considering plastic surgery. He does amazing work!

  • Anonymous- Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to ImplantInfo.com)

    I wanted to take this time to tell everyone what a “wonderful” job Dr. Donald Revis has done w/ my breast enhancement. Although it’s only been 3 weeks today that I had my surgery you can already tell that they are the most beautiful breast you’ve ever seen.

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  • ER- 24yo, Breast Augmentation (testimonial submitted to ImplantForum.com)

    I waited to do this until I was about three months post-opt because I wanted to be able to express just how much I LOVE my results. After the first week I really started to love them and now I cannot even remember what I looked like before and why I waited so long. Dr. Revis made me look exactly how I wanted to look and I am SOOOOO HAPPY that after all the consultations I had I went with him. Many of my friends have went to Dr. Revis as well, and ALL HIS RESULTS ARE PERFECT!!!! WE ALL LOVE HIM and would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Revis to anyone!!!

  • Barb- 48 yo Breast Augmentation with a Lift (testimonial submitted to ImplantInfo.com)

    He’s the best!

  • Jessica- 19yo, Breast Augmentation

    Dr. Revis was a great doctor. From the moment I met him and his staff I knew I would do my surgery with them. He listened to all of my questions and concerns and made sure I felt 100% comfortable. And now I look wonderful! I could not be happier! Thank you Dr. Revis!

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