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Don R. Revis, JR., MD, FACS

What happens when you combine decades of experience with a singular focus? You get a world leader in breast surgery. You get a client base that will travel thousands of miles for your help. You develop a cutting edge, trademarked surgical technique called “The Internal Bra”. You are sought out by colleagues far and wide for your consultations. In short, you get Dr Don Revis.

Dr Revis has dedicated his career to helping women feel confident and satisfied with their appearance. He performs over 300 first time augmentations a year, and also repairs over 350 bad breast augmentations each year, restoring his patients to symmetry and poise.

Dr. Revis, you have changed my life. After a botched implant job I didn’t think I could go to the beach again. Now, I feel 20 years younger and fearless.

Now it’s your turn to change your appearance and change your life. I invite you to reach out to me today and schedule your complimentary remote evaluation.

Don Revis

Don R. Revis. MD, FACS

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Don R. Revis, JR.,MD,FACS
Creator of “the Original INternal BRa”

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